BASIC COST(Please feel free to contact us in details)

【※Please contact us due to individual charge with the request of Specified Skilled Worker Visa】

【You can have a discount if you continually request over 10 visa applications one year. Please contact us.】

(If the consultant is over 30 minutes, it costs ¥5000+tax every 30 minutes as an additional fee.
ex) ①30 minutes consultant → No charge ②60 minutes consultant→¥5000+tax ③80 minutes consultant→¥10000+tax

CONTENTS COSTS(excluding tax)
Application for Certificate of Eligibility
(Invite foreign nationals from overseas)
Change of Status of Residence
(Change visa differing from the current)
Permission for Extending Period of Stay
(Extend current visa)
Application for extension of status of residence After Change of Occupation & Divorce ¥135,000


CONTENTS COSTS(excluding tax)
Business Management Visa Application for Certificate of Eligibility/Change of Status of Residence ¥250,000
Business Management Visa Permission for Extending Period of Stay ¥70,000
※Preparation of the document of business plan costs an additional fee ¥35,000
(in case of a deficit on the settlement)
Start-Up Business ¥100,000
※Separate Costs ¥202,000


CONTENTS COSTS(excluding tax)
Permission for Permanent Residence ¥170,000
Addition to one of the family Plus ¥50,000
Having a Criminal Record Plus ¥50,000
Having a record of overstay Plus ¥50,000



CONTENTS COSTS(excluding tax)
Office Worker(Salaried Employee) ¥185,000
President / Board Member(Business Proprietor) ¥225,000
Addition to one of the family Plus ¥60,000
Addition to Another Company Plus ¥70,000



CONTENTS COSTS(excluding tax)
Dependent Visa ¥50,000
Temporary Visitors(Family Invitation/Temporal Business Trip) ¥50,000
Certificate of Authorized Employment(Change of Occupation) ¥100,000
Business Plan Document ¥50,000


CONTENTS COSTS(excluding tax)
Quick Processing for Application(If the period of stay is coming less than 14 days) ¥30,000
Translation of foreign documents(English and Chinese are included in a basic cost) ¥5,000
Recovery from non-permission with the application of individuals or other companies(Reapplying) ¥35,000


  • It separately costs a tax.
  • Transportation fee and mailing fee are basically included in the above costs(When a long distance business trip is needed, additional costs will be included. )
  • If your application is not permitted, we reapply with free of charge.
  • We accept cash only.
  • Actual costs will be requested after all the procedures are completed.